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See what our families are saying about ABI

Lisa was everything to me for 5 years. When I met her, I wanted to be with her all the time. She taught me and gave me my wings. I am happy we are still in touch. My therapy days are in the past and now I have a friend I will have forever.

Our daughter graduated University and has a promising career as a journalist. 15 years ago when we started with Lisa, she couldn't speak or understand much of what was happening around her. She was valedictorian of her graduating class. There aren't words to express how we feel about ABI. All that comes to mind is love.

Four years ago if you had told us that our daughter would be the social butterfly she is now, with invites to every party and a boyfriend, I would not have believe it. This is what ABA has given us. Lisa and her Team at ABI will forever have a special place in the hearts of our family.

My son is able to live on his own because of Lisa and our ABI Team! Never in our wildest dreams did we think this was possible. It is!

I remember that first day when Lisa met our boy. She crouched down in front of him and just..connected. ABl was the best decision we have made for our child. She is such a special human and without her. I know my boy would not be the happy, engaged chatterbug he is now. I will forever be indebted to her and her wonderful team.

There are no words to describe what ABl has done for my son and our family. Lisa and her team care. They were there for us in our darkest hours to hold our hands and they helped us to learn how to be our daughter's advocate and always, always, involved us in learning so that we were able to continue to help give her all that she needs. Regular family life, family dinners, vacations and holidays are a pleasure for us now

ABl is different. You will feel it the moment you speak to Lisa. True care, compassion and experience is what we found as part of the ABI Family. The experience of their Therapists and BCBAs are second to none.

We tried everything to toilet train our son. Thankfully we found Lisa and her Team and within a week, K was happily telling us when he needed to go, and doing all of what he needed to do in there on his own. Grateful just doesn't describe how we feel about the BCBA (Ana) who helped us. Ana made herself available night and day to us and we are so grateful to her for that!

When our Team from ABl started with D. he was only 3 years old and was not speaking. They were able to unlock the door to his voice. Flash forward 15 years and D is looking forward to entering College. He keeps in contact with all of his old Therapists. ABl is more than just therapy, they truly gave our boy what he needed-hugs and love included!

Lisa and her Team have been invaluable to our family. From teaching our daughter what she needs to know in their sex education program, to helping her to understand how to be safe. Our experience with ABl is nothing short of fantastic. We will continue to use their expertise for our daughter's future needs.

Wow! Thank you ABI and especially Nicky for helping our Son. You have set him up with the tools he will need to enter high-school. Our family cannot wait to watch him graduate this spring and we will be forever grateful to all of you for this. If someone had told me my son would be filling out college applications one day 10 years ago, I would not have believed them. ABl made all the difference for our son.

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