Location: In-person home and/or community

Age: 0-18

Who is Eligible: Eligibility determined by screen.


Preschool Life Skills Program developed by Dr. G. Hanley. The Preschool Life Skills (PLS) program teaches critical social skills to preschoolers to prevent problem behavior from developing or re-emerging. These particular social skills were selected because early elementary teachers have identified them as being critical to early school success. The program begins as a class-wide approach to teaching thirteen skills in sequence. The program may then be individualized for small groups of learners of similar abilities.


Cost: No out of pocket expenses for families currently receiving funds through the OAP and for families paying out of pocket, ABI is pleased to offer a sliding scale in an effort to serve our Families. Contact us for the cost of the lessons which are determined by the whether you wish to engage in a customised program or partial/full curriculum.